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Left 4 Dead OC Fic

Her brother had told her to stay close to him. She did-- until the horde made its grand entrance one summer day. She found herself being smacked, bitten, and pulled. Soon, her brother was no where to be found. Just as she began to get overwhelmed light filled her eyes and heat caressed her skin. She cried out his name as she blasted the last zombie attacking her through its stomach. Then, as if on cue, she heard him scream. Limping, she rushed toward the sound of his voice.

Down an ally, up on top of a dumpster, and a semi-broken staircase later and she was on the roof of a hospital. There, she saw her brother being mauled by a hunter. Wasting no time she took aim; but as she fired she found herself flying and the air inside her depleting. Her vision blurred as she saw a human hand reach out and the sound of her butchered name rang, not in her ears, but her head. Then, as her name faded, so did the world.


His sister was brave, but not a leader. When the infection hit he told her to stay close to him. She did. Then, one day, the horde attacked them. He'd been caught off guard: They hadn't made a peep all day, no Boomers had vomited on or near them, and the sun was shining down on them for once. The only way to save them was to use a grenade, this he was sure of, and he knew he would need higher ground to locate his sister.

He made his way up onto the roof of a building. He looked southwest: nothing. Southeast: nothing. Dead ahead, but below, was where he found the horde's biggest cluster. Grabbing a near by broken bottle, he made a makeshift molotov cocktail. Once he made sure his sister wasn't in the line of fire he aimed and threw. Three sounds of a shotgun being fired later and he heard his name being called. He opened his mouth to call back to her, even though he knew it was unwise, but then found himself pinned to the ground. Pain rushed through him; and as he fumbled to grab his weapon he screamed. Pain rushed through him. Over, and over, and over. As his fingers grazed his pistol adrenaline coursed throughout his body. He scooped the gun into his hand and fired. The attempt was futile, but he persisted even as he watched his his sister ascend into the sky and bullets rain in her place. An inhuman female scream was all he needed to hear to know that a stray bullet had startled the witch.

The hunter collapsed in front of him and the witch took its place, standing in front of him for only a moment before rush assaulting him. He fired. She jumped. She grabbed, clawed, and pulled.

He fell as his sister flew.

Guess who, lol.
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